« Butter Ya’Self » de Julian Petschek

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Inspiré de l’histoire Hip Hop de Drake and Lil’ Wayne, « Butter Ya’Self » de Julian Petschek.

Butter Ya'Self de Julian Petschek
Butter Ya'Self de Julian Petschek

Inspiré de l’histoire Hip Hop de Drake and Lil’ Wayne, « Butter Ya’Self » a été créé par Julian Petschek à l’institut des Arts de Californie.

Vous pourrez retrouver une interview complète de Julian ici.

Description Vimeo :
Created by Julian Petschek at The California Institute of the Arts
ButterKrust vocals & lyrics by Katrina Recto AKA Kat Knoc
Nana Splits’ vocals by Jacob Gibson
Beat production & Sweet Cream vocals by DJ Petroleum Jelly

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This project involved a bunch of amazing CalArts people, to whom I am eternally grateful:
Ambar Navarro built the sets and props
Tempe Hale made the Ritz hotel, Nana Splits’ sunglasses and various other things sprinkled around
Lizzy Klein painted ButterKrust (thank you so much.)
Eben Zboch & Tomas Christian animated the stripper banana peel
Siqi Song animated the hot dog octopus thing
Calvin Frederick did some moco stuff
Alicia Perez Poro made a bunch of background characters
Carol Simone made Nana Splits’ jewelery
Nicholas Petschek made the eyes on the jealous jelly
Jose Quique Rivera basically taught me everything I know about stop motion
Stephen Chiodo taught me everything Quique left out and let me cast my puppets at his studio (THANK YOU)

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